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A New Year’s Data Resolution to stick to

Posted on January 14, 2021

Resolutions to improve for the coming year are great ideas to aspire towards; whether organizing your office, tidying your house, or taking control of your digital footprint.  The problem for many is motivation can quickly fall away by the time February rolls around. If you manage to achieve only one of your new year goals for this year, make it to put a good backup in place for your digital files.

Storage failure, theft, accident, or natural disaster can impact at any time.  Many of us put these possibilities to the back of our minds.  We plan to organize our files ‘eventually’ and then never get around to it.  It’s easy to think ‘it won’t happen to me’ or make creating a backup something that is always to be done tomorrow.

Data storage is liable to develop faults or failures at any time.  Often a storage failure isn’t made apparent until the device fails to turn on or dies suddenly.  These types of hardware failure become more and more likely as devices age.

With the right backup solution, it doesn’t matter how many devices are lost or stolen.  Even without a device or away from home, the data important to you can be kept safe and sound to be returned to you when you’re ready again.

Regular, consistent backups can even be made for you, automatic and in the background.  Documents you create, photographs and video you take can be backed up and kept safe from the second they are captured or saved.

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