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Telephone Tech Support

At Computer Community Hospital customer service comes first. We back all of our services and products with the highest level of customer care. We don’t expect you to understand everything about computers, and for that reason we take the time to explain our services in layman’s terms when necessary. Confused about a product? Don’t hesitate to ask our associates any questions that come to mind.

Remote-in Access

Windows PC: 

Apple MAC:

On-site service


  • Site survey of current system and components (physical equipment-computers, software, routers, cabling)
  • Computer network infrastructure (foreseeable issues for initial install)
  • Make recommendations as necessary


  • Maximize system’s performance
  • Networks (inclusive of servers, client workstations, routers, switches, & firewalls)
  • Install/setup Antivirus Protection as necessary for corporate clients
  • Install/setup-Sophisticated Remote Data Backup System as needed


  • Hardware/software enhancements (hard drives, memory, software programs, etc.)
  • Long term customer focused maintenance (Tune-up schedule).
  • Let CCH add a breath of freshAIR to your system.

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PC Computer/Mac-Repair
Laptop/Mac Book- Repair
Trouble Shooting
Computer Installation
Hardware/Software- Upgrades
Server Installation/Maintenance

PC/Mac Wellness/Maintenance
Network Installation/Configuration
Data Backup/Hard Drive Recovery
Offsite Backup Services
Cloud Computing Services

Remote-in Access
DENTAL/MEDICAL-Software Specialists
Managed Business IT Services
Microsoft Office 365/Quick Books Support
Mobile Device Support
Authorized Dell Reseller Partner

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Hurricane Readiness-Evaluation

* Check Data Backup-or implement Backup Strategy
* Detail clients needs
* Check or add Battery Backup
* Instructions to prepare for Hurricane
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