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Computer Community Hospital does exceptional work. They are understanding, patient and helpful. I recommend them to anyone who needs computer issues resolved or their computer maintained.

Gerard T

Once again, my life is calm “because of you”!!! (That could be a song.) Thank you so much!!!

Carol Ann

My laptop is working wonderfully and thank you so very much! I will definitely send business your way.  Hope you have a great Labor Day Weekend!


YOU did a GREAT JOB!!  I will recommend you to all I know


I am not in the habit of doing mass promotions for people  “who do their jobs”, but I really want to do this one for a lady who happens to be what I am now calling my “Computer Gur-as”, who  did this service above her regular calls etc., in fact she did this while out of town on a business trip.  As some of you are aware, I have been experiencing a meltdown with my old computer, in fact, been unable to open Frank’s multiple attempts to send the proofs of the “New News”, for me to look over(this is the 1st time I have seen also,-great job Frank).  I called Yvonne (CCH) the other day asking for help, and she responded with help that evening with over 4 hours (electronically) of work, cleaning, defragging, adjusting, backing up to flash drive +++, and still could not get this ”  New News” to open (Frank has put a ton of time to turn this “very positive” link for us, and made me feel a part of it as well), making me miss a part of the proofing etc. She was so disappointed that it was not responding…she asked me if a minimal service fee would be ok?   I think the old computer is on last leg, in fact Yvonne and I are (still/were?) in the buying a new one stage (she does sell, service Dells), but i decided to try one more thing. I e-mailed her a copy of one of Franks e-mails with the attachment and I sent it to Yvonne in Chicago last night, and this A.M., I received this back, thus seeing the finished edition for the 1st time; IT LOOKED SO GOOD (Frank had mailed my copy). I may have cost Yvonne a sale of a new computer for now??, it is very low on memory (perhaps like some of us  haha), and I will probably still  have to replace but I just had to share this story of a lady who is willing to go the extra mile for someone else, she is a professional  and is positive , and makes that extra mile count, just like most of our “New Group”. I am now retired as is most of us and have found a thing that I am becoming attached to(New Reunion Group) and being separated from a part of it was killing me—thanks Yvonne

Ken   “A non-computer spokesperson”

Thank you for your thorough and quick service. I especially loved how you fixed the audio problem on my laptop, even though I forgot to tell you. The computer runs so well now, it’s better than new! The money was well spent, and you saved me from having to buy a whole new machine. Thanks!

Sincerely, Angela T. 

Thank you for helping me with my computer. You solved the problem in less than 5 minutes! It is wonderful to work with someone with your depth of experience and high level of professionalism. Thanks Again. 

S. Kaskel, CLTC   Kaskel & Associates, Inc.

Thanks for your great advice.  This is the first time I had absolutely no trouble sending emails from my laptop when I came to New Jersey.    As always, your instructions were perfect.  Thanks again.   Elaine  I could not do the computer without you I would be lost you are the best many thanks   


Well, what do you know!   It worked.  You must know what you’re doing. Thanks, as always.  We’re off on Tuesday? Hopefully. If not, Wed. But off we are.  Maybe you’ll get up to NC this summer. Ya think?  Don’t worry, you’ll be hearing from me as always; when I need something right?   -Helen  Thanks again (and again) for getting Bill and I out of hot water. You are THE BEST!


Hi Yvonne, I met you at Ruth Chris’s last Thursday night and I just wanted to thank you again for the tip on the free AOL service – I called yesterday and of course, as you know, you were right!   I really appreciate the valuable information you shared with me and hope I can return the kindness someday.   Best wishes to you.

Casey Sinatra Segal, American Health Association   

Thank you so much for your kindness. After spending 2 hours on the computer getting those tickets and not being able to print them was just too much to handle. You saved my life! 

Thanks again, Claire

Yvonne I wanted to tell you how efficient, prompt, and pleasant Joel was.  He also is very, very knowledgeable and patient.  I’ve told friends about your service too.  Please thank Joel again for me and tell him I’m sorry I’ve taken so much time to write. Thanks.


Computer Community Hospital is the top rated answer for your computer! Yvonne Graber provides the most efficient, effective, and updated solutions for your immediate needs. CCH has the highest rating imaginable! Your problems will be solved by the Best Computer Doctor ever!

Rebecca Gross

Yvonne and her team recently did an entire re-vamp of my computer systems at my dental office. She is professional, knowledgeable, and persistent in problem solving! Yvonne set up her team to work on this project while the office was closed for vacation. When we returned, everything was setup and running! As a busy dentist, I don’t want to deal with IT issues and Yvonne takes these off our hands. They provide great VALUE and earn every bit of what we pay them. I highly recommend Computer Community Hospital for all your business or personal computer needs.

Dr. Karen Glerum

Having woke up to a computer that didn’t start I called Yvonne and after some checking it was determined that my computer was a lost cause. Yvonne made some calls and found me a all in one computer at a great price and took the time to help me get it set up. Then she was able to guide me through the process of removing the hard drive from my old computer and remove all the files from that hard drive and transfer them to the new computer. She truly has the skills and patience to deal with computer issues. I can tell you that now matter what question or issues I have in the future I’m going to call Yvonne ?

Mark Beckerman

Just want to say thanks for the great job you did yesterday setting us up and all the help/support you gave us.
Great to know you…wishing you a happy holiday season and hope, health, happiness for ’21!

George Bielitz/John Derco

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